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What's up at council this week? (May 10)

Horseshoe Bay on the eve of change

District of West Vancouver

West Vancouver has a busy night ahead of them so they’ll have to limit their speechifyin’ if they want to get to bed before sunrise.

Council will get their first look and have their first vote on the completed local area plan for Horseshoe Bay. The plan, which has been in the works since 2019, will govern how the neighbourhood changes over the coming decades. The plan foresees 200-300 net new housing units in the area, along with more commercial and visitor amenities while maintaining the “eclectic, kooky” character of the village.

West Van may join other Lower Mainland municipalities in allowing responsible consumption of alcohol in public. The proposal up for a vote would allow liquor in Millennium Park.

And a homeowner who built a staircase in the riparian area of Cypress Creek without permits will have their chance to ask council’s forgiveness before they order it to be removed.

District of North Vancouver

District council will hear an annual report from North Vancouver RCMP Supt. Ghalib Bhayani.

Council is set to receive their 2020 audited financial statements and statement of financial information, which detail all of the municipality’s major expenditures from the previous year.

And council will review and update their policies that govern cell towers and other telecommunications infrastructure.

City of North Vancouver

Mayor Linda Buchanan will kick off the meeting with a proclamation marking May 10, 2021 as the “Day of Awareness to End Antiā€Asian Racism.”

Council will also receive their consolidated financial statement. The highlight: The city finished 2020 with tidy surplus $41 million more than they did in 2019.

Metro Vancouver Transit Police Chief Dave Jones will address council.

Citing a shortage of childcare options, Couns. Tina Hu and Angela Girard are bringing a motion that could see the city join with the North Vancouver school district, North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission and North Vancouver City Library to create a new after-school care program.

And Mayor Linda Buchanan is asking staff to work with the Squamish Nation on the naming of the new arena to be included in the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre. Buchanan’s motion notes that the city is striving for reconciliation and the Squamish Nation has a rich and proud history of sport, including lacrosse.