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Video catches dangerous highway incident in North Vancouver (VIDEO)

That's a full 'Yikes!'
Screenshot 2021-12-12 1130152
Two cars race down the highway in North Vancouver beside each other in the same lane.

Video on social media captures a scary few moments on Highway 1 through North Vancouver.

A pair of cars can be seen in the footage jockeying with each other. It's unclear if their intention is to race each other or if it's a road rage incident, but for the others, on the highway it's an uncertain and likely scary thing to watch.

In the clip the two small cars can be seen initially weaving across three lanes of westbound highway as they approach the Westview Drive exit. Eventually, they get side-by-side and it looks like one is trying to force the other to the side of the highway as they share a single lane.

As they approach the exit the pair split apart with the one on the left going further left, around a pickup truck, accelerating and then flying right across two lanes of highway (in front of the truck and the other car involved in the incident) before heading down the exit).

-- Vancouver is Awesome has reached out to the North Vancouver RCMP for comment and will update this story when we hear back.