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This Bowen Island property has everything you need to live off the land (PHOTOS)

This massive Bowen Island property is up for sale for the first time in decades

Ever wanted to own approximately 1 per cent of Bowen Island?

A property that just went up for sale is offering just that. The 'Endswell' estate is a 137-acre section of the island. It includes two homes, a cabin, waterfront (and multiple beaches), and a big chunk of farmable land (and the farm buildings to go with it).

Basically, if island farm life is your dream, this is the setting. One house sits amongst the farmland (built c. 1910) while the second overlooks its own private cove.

It's all very bucolic (yep, that word-a-day calendar is paying off).

And of course there's acre upon acre of forest and rocky shore line, to really give that west-coast flair.

It's been owned by the same family for decades; they've raised a variety of farm animals and crops there. Currently, the farm area is even being leased, making it a working farm for now.

Of course, dream properties don't come cheap; this is sitting at a solid $12.95 million.