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Rise and shine, North Shore!

Nothing but sunshine in today's forecast. ☀️ ICYMI: As of Sunday night, all adults in B.C. can book a vaccine appointment 💉
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A gorgeous day at Waterfront Park.

Happy Friday, North Shore!

It’s going to be another beautiful Spring day, with temperatures set to reach 18°C.

Environment Canada has forecast a sunny day and there's a few more on the way. The weather agency also cautioned it’ll be windy near the water this morning and late this evening.

It will be a clear night with a low of 9°C.

Vaccine bookings open to all adults on Sunday night

The age-based rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in British Columbia continues to accelerate, with all adults becoming eligible to book a vaccination appointment by Sunday evening.

As of Thursday, British Columbians 30 and older can book an appointment for a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. But that will drop to everyone 25 and older beginning 7 p.m. on Friday, followed by 20 and older Saturday night and 18 and older by Sunday evening.

You can register for your vaccine here.

Weekend weather

The sunshine will continue through the weekend, with a sunny day forecast for Saturday and a mix of sun and cloud on Sunday. 

Temperatures will stay between 18°C to 19°C but are expected to reach between 22°C to 23°C inland.

Get out and enjoy the lovely weather this weekend, there’s a bit of rain in the forecast for next week.

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