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North Vancouver's Rice Lake has an 'invasive feces' problem

Metro Vancouver staff have posted signs asking people to stop pooping in the woods

Someone is befouling the pristine forest around North Vancouver’s Rice Lake.

Metro Vancouver staff have posted signs around the lake in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, asking people to make use of nearby washrooms.

“Staff over the last while, maybe four months or so, have been noticing poops in the forest around the lake where people usually go for their fishing spots,” said Mike Mayers, division manager for parks, visitors and operations.

Mayers said they had a staff meeting to discuss removing the invasive feces, why it might be happening, and what can be done about it.

Mayers said they don’t know who is responsible and they’re not planning a sting operation, but for now they’re hoping the signs will remind folks to have a little bit better forest etiquette.

“There is a washroom at the west side of the lake so it’s not that far for people to walk,” he said. “Just protect the environment and the riparian area and make it enjoyable for other users.”


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