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North Shore schools receive $2M for meal programs, school supplies

Schools in North Vancouver and West Vancouver will receive money to help families deal with the increased costs of living.
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Schools in North Vancouver and West Vancouver will get $2 million to help families deal with increased costs of living.

Schools on the North Shore will receive over $2 million in special funding from the province to help pay for school meal programs, school supplies and help kids take part in field trips this year.

The province announced recently it would provide $60 million to school districts throughout B.C. to help make going back to school more affordable for families struggling with the rising costs of living.

“Many families in B.C. are feeling the effects of global inflation on daily costs, including groceries, school supplies and other school expenses,” said Jennifer Whiteside, minister of education, in announcing the funding.

The North Vancouver School District will receive just under $1.5 million in one-time funding, while the West Vancouver School District will receive just over $650,000.

Both school districts plan to consult with stakeholders about how best to spend the funding.

For the most part, the funding is expected to help expand school meal programs, pay for school supplies provided to students by the school districts and cover costs of field trips for students whose families can’t afford extra fees to take part.

Carolyn Broady, chair of the West Vancouver Board of Education and president of the B.C. School Trustees’ Association, described the funding as good news for “families struggling with the increased cost of living.”

She said local school districts are in the best position to decide how to spend the money.