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Playland's summer glow-up and newest ride will have you screaming

Out with the old and in with the new!
playland coaster
Playland at the PNE is opening for the summer in June 2022. The amusement park is getting a new ride, reopening the wooden rollercoaster, and saying goodbye two rides. Photo: PNE/Playland

Adrenaline junkies and roller coaster enthusiasts, get ready for your next thrills. 

Playland at the PNE officially opens for the summer on June 18

The iconic amusement park has been getting ready for its own hot girl summer, revealing a major glow-up with a new ride and upgrades to one of its most iconic coasters.

The park's newest Italian-made ride dubbed 'Skybender' is set to open in early July and will take riders, one at a time, through lights, action, accelerations and gravity drops.

“Skybender is unlike anything currently available in Canada and is one of the few rides anywhere in the world offering a single rider experience," says PNE President and CEO Shelley Frost. 

The much-beloved wooden roller coaster has also undergone a major revamp. Considered one of the greatest wooden rollercoasters in the world, Playland's iconic Coaster has been upgraded with an extensive retrofit to meet incoming safety standards despite still being made entirely out of wood.

The wooden coaster is set to open early to mid-July, according to Playland.

Fans of the classic Music Express and the Crazy Beach Party rides may need to brace themselves for some not-so-happy news. The two rides have entered into retirement this summer.