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Map: Here are all of the pickleball courts on the North Shore

Check out the interactive map to see where you can play this fast-growing sport in North Vancouver and West Vancouver
Karen Wilson of the North Shore Pickleball Club returns a shot at the new courts in North Vancouver's Little Cates Park. | Paul McGrath / North Shore News

Pickleball is all the rage these days, with courts in high demand.

It’s an accessible game that is fun and fairly simple to play, making it a favourite for seniors, but younger players are getting in on the action now too. It can be tough to find a court, particularly on a sunny weekend afternoon, but we’re here to help you out with this map of all the public courts on the North Shore.

Not all courts are built the same, though. There are some dedicated pickleball courts with purpose-built lines and nets – those are the gold standard – while other courts require players to bring their own net. There are also a few tennis courts that are marked with pickleball lines, making them available for both sports.

Rec centres and private clubs also offer courts, but there are typically more hoops to jump through to get onto those courts compared to ready-to-play outdoor spaces.

Check out this interactive map showing all of the North Shore court options. You can zoom in, and click on the paddle icons for a description of each facility. You can also read on, below the map, to see more details about each court.

Dedicated permanent outdoor pickleball courts

Murdo Frazer Park: There are five dedicated courts in this District of North Vancouver park, as well as one bring-your-own-net court. The North Shore Pickleball Club has the courts booked for member play for parts of the day, otherwise it is open for the public. Court hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and the courts get locked at night to give the neighbours a break from the “pop” of noisy pickleball shots.    

Mahon Park: There are four permanent, dedicated outdoor courts in this City of North Vancouver park, all open for public play. When the courts are busy, a 30-minute maximum is recommended, with a paddle stuck in the fence used to determine who is next in line for the courts.

Little Cates Park: These four District of North Vancouver courts are the newest addition to the permanent pickleball roster. Opened in the summer of 2022, they are now available for public play.

Normanby Park: These four District of West Vancouver courts are temporary replacements for the 29th Street courts that were permanently closed in April of 2022. The Normanby Park courts, which have taken over a tennis court space, are open for public use on a first-come, first-served basis, with a whiteboard installed for players waiting to get on.

Myrtle Park: Two dedicated pickleball courts opened in the District of North Vancouver’s Myrtle Park this summer in a space that had for many years been used as a makeshift pickleball court. It’s the place to play for Deep Cove pickleball aficionados.

Pickleball-lined tennis courts with nets

Benbow Park: This West Vancouver park has one tennis court lined for pickleball.

Chairlift Park: This West Vancouver park has one court lined for pickleball.

Cypress Park School: This West Vancouver park has one court lined for pickleball.

Glenmore Park: This West Vancouver park has one court lined for pickleball.

Whytecliff Park: This West Vancouver park has one court lined for pickleball.

Bring-your-own-net pickleball courts

Tempe Heights: There are four lined courts without permanent nets at this City of North Vancouver location.

Ray Perrault: This City of North Vancouver park has one pickleball court without a permanent net.

Murdo Frazer Park: Along with five dedicated, permanent courts with nets, Murdo Frazer in the District of North Vancouver also has one without a permanent net.

Recreation centres

North Van Rec: Pickleball courts are available for booking through the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture at Parkgate, Lions Gate and Delbrook rec centres.

West Van Rec: West Vancouver has pickleball programming available at the West Vancouver Community Centre.

Private facilities

North Shore Winter Club: This North Vancouver private club has two permanent indoor courts, two convertible indoor courts, and two convertible outdoor courts on the roof. The courts are for club members.

Hollyburn Country Club: This West Vancouver private club has four dedicated outdoor courts and six shared indoor spaces. The courts are for club members.