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Mandatory day passes return for Mount Seymour Provincial Park

Planning to hike or snowshoe during peak demand? You’ll have to book in advance
A snowshoer enjoys a sunset hike on Mount Seymour, December 2017. Kevin Hill / North Shore News files

BC Parks is once again implementing a day-pass system for people wishing to park near the top Mount Seymour Provincial Park during the high-demand winter months.

Starting on Dec. 14, anyone planning to access the park’s trails via the P1 and Lower P5 parking lots must first secure a free pass online at

Each pass secures a spot for one vehicle carrying up to eight passengers.

Passes can only be reserved up to two days in advance and users must decide if they want an a.m. pass, which is valid between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m., or a p.m. pass, which is valid between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.The two lots have a combined 192 spots, which is notionally how many passes will be available for the morning and afternoon time slots, although the number may be reduced if snowfall partially covers some spots.

Those coming for skiing at Mt. Seymour Resort are not required to book a day pass if they have a resort ticket, according to the province. Visitors arriving by shuttle service, on foot, or by bicycle are also exempt.

After Jan. 7, the passes will only be required on weekends and holidays.

Because cell coverage on the mountain can be spotty, visitors are encouraged to save a screengrab of their QR code before heading to the mountain.

BC Parks, which operates under B.C.’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, has implemented day passes for its most popular parks since 2020 as a means to curb the number of visitors and the impact on the parks.

In the past, the day pass system has drawn criticism from parks advocates who argue BC Parks should be attempting to increase access to nature by building up more capacity at parks, rather than limiting the number of people who can visit.

Mount Seymour typically brings in more than a million visitors per year.