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Homicide police investigating after fatal attack in West Van

Witness said woman screamed that her son had been stabbed. Police are still searching for the suspect

Homicide police are investigating at an apartment building in West Vancouver following a fatal attack late Tuesday afternoon.

West Vancouver Police said a man is dead following an “altercation with an unknown male suspect”, believed to have happened in the parking garage of The Crescent apartment complex in the 2100 block of Argyle Avenue.

Police, West Vancouver Fire and Rescue and BC Ambulance Services were called to the apartment building by reports of a man suffering serious injuries shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Attempts by first responders to save the man’s life were unsuccessful, said police, and “the man succumbed to his injuries.”

Police have so far provided few details about the attack, but the husband of one witness who lives in the building said his wife reported seeing a woman coming out of the elevator screaming that her son had been stabbed and to call 911.

Roddy MacKenzie said his wife had just entered the lobby when the elevator opened and the woman – who also lives in the building – began screaming about a stabbing. MacKenzie said his wife told him another woman immediately called 911, and other building residents soon came running.

MacKenzie said just moments before entering the building, his wife had been returning home from an appointment when she saw a man walking up the driveway leading to the parkade. The man was dressed in black, with an athletic build. When he saw MacKenzie’s wife watching him, he pulled up his clothing to cover a portion of his face, MacKenzie said his wife told him. The man then walked east down the street, while MacKenzie’s wife turned west into the building.

His wife has since provided a statement to police, MacKenzie said.

MacKenzie described a chaotic scene in the lobby immediately following the incident on Tuesday. The building and surrounding area was locked down for several hours Tuesday evening as homicide police investigated the scene.

The road had been initially closed by police but reopened to the public Wednesday morning. Yellow police tape cordoned off the doorway to The Crescent and the adjoining driveway. 

“While this is believed to be an isolated incident, it is very concerning for our community," said Const. Nicole Braithwaite, spokesperson for the West Vancouver Police.

“Anyone who may have been in the area leading up to the event and may have witnessed this is asked to please call the IHIT info line.”

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team are investigating to determine the motive for the attack. As of Wednesday afternoon, the suspect remains unknown, police said. 

Inga Puhmann, who lives on a neighbouring street, said she had heard "at least three" ambulances on Tuesday evening but hadn't given it much thought given the area she lives in. 

"You get a lot of ambulances here when you're surrounded by people who are in my age group, in their older years, who have a lot of health issues," she said. 

Puhmann said she was shocked to hear news of the attack the following morning, but it hasn't made her feel any less safe to be living in West Vancouver. 

"I've lived here since 1992. I've raised my kids here, I walk the seawall at night, and I'm out all the time, and I've never had a problem," she said. 

"I still think this is a really safe neighbourhood, this must have been a one-of-a-kind incident." 

IHIT is asking anyone with information about the investigation to call 1-877-551-4448 or email