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'Look up': Dramatic photograph captures workers on top of Lions Gate Bridge

They must not be scared of heights.
Photograph shows bridge staff conducting an external cable inspection on the Lions Gate Bridge.

If you are scared of heights, you might want to look away. 

A photograph captured and shared to social media shows a crew of people standing on top of the Lions Gate Bridge.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The dramatic photograph shows people dressed in high-visibility clothing on the outside main suspension cable on the bridge. 

"Look up. Look waaaaaay up," B.C.'s transportation ministry captioned the photo, posted to social media March 30. 

Anyone who spotted the individuals might have wondered what they were doing.

"Inspectors recently conducted a visual assessment of the main cables on the Lions Gate Bridge,” a ministry spokesperson tells Glacier Media.

It took two days to complete the assessment and was a precursor to a more detailed assessment of the main cables which will occur later this year. 

Turns out, the bridge is in good shape.

"Ongoing maintenance of the Lions Gate Bridge is a priority for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and the bridge and its cables are in good condition,” says the spokesperson.

Lions Gate Bridge is inspected by the ministry once a year and by the contractor every four months. 

The spokesperson added that recent improvements to the Lions Gate Bridge include an upgrade to the bridge’s counterflow system, which was completed in 2022.