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Letter: North Van sewage treatment plant project a shambles

Ballooning budgets and constantly pushed back completion dates could have been avoided with better planning, says reader
Looking up to the top inside the digester tower during work on the massive new sewage treatment plant construction project in North Vancouver in March 2021. | Paul McGrath / North Shore News

Re: Costs quadruple for North Shore sewage treatment plant to $3.86B

Dear Editor:

The situation around the new sewage treatment plant is a real mess, and now the project is way behind time wise and way over budget.

Of course the public, and probably the Metro Board, doesn’t really know who is to blame.

We have read that Acciona had said the site provided was way too small to build the plant that was designed, but apparently it was a design build contract, so that means Acciona designed it.

How is it that so much work was done before the Metro Board noticed the quality problems and other issues.

I have to wonder why the Board of Directors led by Jerry Dobrovolny didn’t keep closer tabs on such a big, important and expensive project.

Now the taxpayers, more specifically the taxpayers on the North Shore, are going to have to pay for this mess created by the Metro Board while the law suits are built or the parties negotiate their way through this financial, and probably avoidable quagmire - if there had been proper project management and oversight.

I don’t think Metro’s planning is providing good value for services.

It could be years, maybe decades, before we learn who is at fault here, but we taxpayers have to pay for this mess and the sewage plant is probably going to cost still more than current projections.

Fire the lot of the Metro Board! These people earn double salaries working for individual municipalities and for Metro - and Dobrovolny seems pretty blasé about how much this is going to cost taxpayers, so we should start saving by eliminating those salaries that allowed this mess to happen on their watch.

Irene Wotton,
North Vancouver

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