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France and Canada combined

Academics and personal growth are key

THE French International School of Vancouver opened its doors in 1997.

It became the ninth school of its kind in Canada to offer the pedagogy, teaching methods and curriculum from both France and Canada.

The school belongs to a network of more than 480 French schools worldwide, located in 130 different countries around the globe, all recognized for their academic excellence.

Parents from an array of nationalities choose the French International School because of its stimulating and enriched learning environment. The diversity of students creates a rich, multicultural setting in which children become fluent in both French and English.

The French International School of Vancouver offers excellence at all class levels, empowering students to better succeed in their personal and educational life, thus carrying forward this success into their future professional life.

The French International School offers a full-day preschool program (starting at age three) as well as the elementary school program from Kindergarten to Grade 7. The French International School is recognized by both the B.C. Ministry of Education and the French National Ministry of Education. This dual recognition allows students to continue their education at any English or French secondary school in Canada as well as in France, or at any other French international school throughout the world. Children are well-prepared for university with the bilingual education they receive at The French International School.

The French International School of Vancouver puts forth a rigorous and ambitious course program, in both English and French, amidst a multicultural environment with plenty of opportunity to ensure the success of students; where critical thought processes and intercultural communication are key.

The school accepts nonfrancophone children up to the age of five. It creates harmony and balance with the best Canadian and French educational systems in order to prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The diversity and warmth of the school community is evident every day with the participation of volunteer parents in the classroom or out.