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Driver taken to hospital after striking tree in North Vancouver

Passersby extracted the woman from her vehicle before it caught fire, police say

A female driver was taken to hospital after her car struck a tree and caught fire.

The single-vehicle collision happened Wednesday (Sept. 5) afternoon near the intersection of Keith Road East and Cloverley Street in North Vancouver, according to police.

The woman was extracted from the car by passersby before the vehicle caught fire, said Staff Sgt. Doug Trousdell of North Vancouver RCMP.

“We are on scene investigating a single-vehicle collision,” he said on a phone interview around 4 p.m., adding that Keith Road was closed to traffic both ways near the scene of the accident.

After she was removed from the vehicle, she was taken to hospital, Trousdell said. Police haven't provided further comment on the woman’s condition, but the North Shore News received an unconfirmed report that she only sustained minor injuries.

An exact time of the collision also wasn’t given by police, but a bystander who photographed the incident said the crash happened around 1:45 p.m. No criminality is suspected, and no one else was injured, Trousdell said.

As seen in photos shared with the News, a silver compact SUV was left severely damaged by the crash. Most of the windows were completely smashed. The entire front end of the car was melted off, with noticeable charring on the body of the vehicle.

Fluids and debris were littered wide across the street. And a large tree on the side of the road was leaning at a 45-degree angle, in the apparent aftermath of being struck by the silver SUV. More debris was strewn beneath the broken tree.

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