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Letter: More infrastructure needed to ease Ironworkers bridge traffic chaos

Leaders must take action to lighten the traffic woes that plague the bridge and its surrounding areas, says one reader.
The Ironworkers bridge is consistently at the center of traffic issues. | North Shore News files

Re: Pothole on Ironworkers bridge causes major traffic delays in North Vancouver

Dear Editor,

I live in one of those communities off Mountain Highway which frequently gets congested due to a delay in the flow of traffic that is almost always due to the backlog on the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing (eastbound).

Yesterday the congestion started at 2 p.m. and lasted well past 8 p.m.

A car stalled out in front of my house and caused even more havoc. Impatient motorists started to block the opposite lane. My neighbours couldn’t move around for household errands for the better part of the day. It took 35-40 minutes to move 100 metres.

Our leaders in this community need to take action. If there was an emergency (I was able to help the stranded motorist easily and get them on their way) it would have ended very badly.

I understand the draw to the North Shore for all the great activities to participate in, however if our community cannot support the traffic it causes, then simply put, more infrastructure needs to be built, or restrictions need to be put into place.

This issue is already years overdue based on the frequency of this problem.

James Keevel
North Vancouver

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