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Dog rescued after slipping off North Vancouver's Quarry Rock

Grizzly the golden doodle chased a ball over the edge of a cliff at the popular Deep Cove lookout point
quarry rock trail rescue
District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services members usually get called to Quarry Rock to rescue people. In this case, the subject was a dog.

A curious canine will likely be on a shorter leash in future after firefighters had to rescue the pooch that slipped off North Vancouver’s Quarry Rock.

Scott Ferguson, assistant chief of District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, said firefighters were called out by the dog’s owner Wednesday, after her dog took an unfortunate tumble.

The dog and owner had hiked to the top of the scenic lookout when the dog – a golden doodle named Grizzly – saw its ball rolling away and bounded after the toy.

Unfortunately, Grizzly wasn’t on a leash at the time and the ball was rolling over a cliff edge.

The dog went over the edge of the rock but managed to stop on a ledge about 20 feet below.

Firefighters called to the scene are familiar with the area as they regularly practice rope rescues there, said Ferguson.

Crews lowered a roped and harnessed firefighter down to the dog, which was then put in a special dog harness and walked back up to the top of Quarry Rock, where the pooch was reunited with his owner.

Ferguson said it’s important for owners to keep their dogs leashed, especially on trails near riverbanks and cliff edges.

“Always have control of the dog,” he said.

Firefighters do get called out on occasion to rescue dogs that have been swept into rivers or fallen over cliff edges in canyons.

“Sometimes the results have been tragic, and sometimes they have good endings,” he said.

Ferguson said one reason firefighters are willing to come and rescue pets is they know if they don’t, owners and friends will likely try to rescue the animals themselves, potentially placing people in danger.

“We don’t want the public getting in a bad situation,” he said.