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Cargo ship needs a rescue after losing control under Lions Gate Bridge near West Vancouver

A freighter that appeared to lose control in the shipping channels near the Lions Gate Bridge this afternoon was rescued by several tugboats after running aground near Slhx̱í7lsh (Siwash Rock).
Freighter in trouble
A bulk carrier was refloated near Stanley Park with the help of four tugboats Thursday afternoon.

A freighter that appeared to lose control in the shipping channels near the Lions Gate Bridge this afternoon (March 3) was rescued by several tugs after running aground near Slhx̱í7lsh (Siwash Rock).

The loaded grain ship, the Marvel I, was leaving the Port of Vancouver when it experienced mechanical troubles while coming under the Lions Gate Bridge, according to the Vancouver Port Authority.

The Coast Guard received a call from the bulk carrier at 11:50 a.m. about a mechanical issue onboard, just as the ship cleared the bridge, said Michelle , spokesperson for the Coast Guard.

The ship quickly dropped anchor and came to rest west of Siwash Rock, said Imbeau. It was slightly grounded on sandy bottom, she said.

Mary Ellen Schesser watched the drama unfold from her apartment in Ambleside.

She said she saw the freighter appear to swing out of the usual shipping lane and end up pointing north-south, with the rear of the ship pointing towards the mountains.

Four tugboats raced to the freighter and appeared to help the ship back out of its location near Stanley Park, said Schesser.

“It took two hours to get it out of that situation,” said Schesser.

Tugs were able to refloat the vessel, and then accompanied it to a Vancouver anchorage in English Bay, said Imbeau.

The Canadian Coast Guard crew from Kitsilano Base was on scene and confirmed there was no sign of pollution and no injuries, she said.

The port confirmed the freighter had been assigned to an anchor for further assessment.

According to vessel information available online, the bulk carrier arrived in the port Feb. 16 and is scheduled to sail to China. It was last anchored off Spanish Bank at the mouth of English Bay with the Seaspan Eagle tug standing by.