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Bus passenger carrying fake gun arrested on West Van transit bus

No connection with suspect arrested with fake gun in North Van, police say
North Shore transit riders wait for their bus in West Vancouver in 2019. | Mike Wakefield, North Shore News files

West Vancouver Police arrested a bus passenger who carried a fake gun onboard public transit Friday night.

Few details were available about what happened, but West Vancouver Police said they received a report of a person on board a West Vancouver transit bus carrying what appeared to be a handgun.

Police stopped the bus and arrested a suspect, who was found in possession of an imitation gun.

The man was released pending further investigation.

It’s not yet known why the person was carrying the fake gun or if he will face charges.

Sgt. Chris Bigland of the West Vancouver Police said police are grateful the incident was resolved quickly. Bigland added that incidents involving possession of guns or objects that appear to be guns are always treated seriously by police.

The arrest of the man with a fake gun in West Vancouver came just a day before another man was observed with a fake gun in the civic plaza next to the North Vancouver City library was also arrested.

Bigland said there does not appear to be any connection between the two incidents.

Bigland added there can be a “broad spectrum” of reasons why someone would be carrying a fake gun, from just not thinking enough about their actions in advance, to planning to use the imitation firearm to commit a crime.