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B.C. old-growth activists block entrance to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal

'Save Old Growth' protestors blocked Highway 1 near the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal calling for an end to old-growth logging in B.C.
Highway 1 near Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal was blocked by protestors calling for an end to old-growth logging in B.C.

Protestors with “Save Old Growth” blocked part of the Highway 1 near Horseshoe Bay Wednesday morning, coming together to demand an end to old growth logging in the province.

The demonstration comes as part of a weeks long campaign by the group, who have currently had 30 members arrested so far.

Starting at around 7:30 a.m., protestors blocked all lanes of Highway 1 westbound towards the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

The group began actions earlier this month, with their demands for old growth logging to be stopped by Jan. 9 going unheard. Expecting arrests, the group said it would use superglue in its efforts to block traffic.

West Vancouver Police Department confirmed that one arrest was made, after the group of around 10 people were asked to disperse.

“The campaign will continue to be blocked multiple times per week, and the frequency and scale of actions will escalate until all old growth logging is stopped. The government has an option to fulfill its election promises or send nonviolent people on the motorways to jail,” Save Old Growth wrote in a statement.

Organizer Zain Haq said the B.C. government is “destroying the country, this is our last resort.”

“We are scared of sitting down on the road, but will keep doing it until the government throws us in prison or keeps their own promise to save old growth. Premier Horgan is destroying his own legacy,” Haq said.

Translink had earlier advised customers that bus 257 has a detour in place, riding along Marine Drive from Park Royal to Horseshoe Bay. Normal service resumed soon after the highway was cleared.