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Alien invasion just a matter of time

Alien Invasion Manualby Sean T. Page, Haynes Publishing, 126 pages, $31.95.

Alien Invasion Manualby Sean T. Page, Haynes Publishing, 126 pages, $31.95.

Do you worry about being abducted and carried away on a spaceship? Are aliens populating your nightmares and lurking in the shadows of your imagination? If you believe an alien attack is coming then this is the reference book you'll need.

Based on the premise that we have already been visited many times and that an invasion is just a matter of time, author Sean T. Page offers an abundance of advice to help you prepare.

From an understanding of the different types of aliens you might encounter, to combat techniques, to correct folding when making your tin foil hat to defend against alien mind probes, there are hundreds of details you'll want to share with your friends and family. Page presents his information in short segments and with lots of illustrations and a never-ending supply of humour.

Advice on how to avoid abduction or how to escape if captured is shown from both an adult and teenage perspective. Even the farmer's viewpoint is included when Page talks about dealing with animal abductions and mutilations, here the advice is to clean up any mess quickly so the other cows aren't upset by it.

Finishing with his recommendations on repelling a full-scale attack Page then wraps it all up with a quiz and provides a certificate in Alien Defence for the successful alien fighters.