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Visions of Xmas puppies

Constant trainer and sometime poet Joan Klucha offers her version of Clement Clarke Moore’s classic

T’was the week before Christmas and all through the house
Not a critter was stirring, not even the pet mouse

The stockings where hung by the fireplace with care
In hopes that Santa soon would be there

While children snuggled all warm in their bed
Visions of puppy dogs danced in their heads

Big ones, small ones, fluffy and white
They didn’t care, they already named it Spike!

With mum in her PJ’s, the cat on her lap
Dad sat back in the chair with a little night cap

“What do you make of this dog thing?” he asked
“It’s the third year in the row, they are holding steadfast!”

Mom stroked the kitty and pondered the statement
“Three years is a long time, they’ve been incredibly patient
“Do you think they are ready to take on the task?
I fear their attention may not last.”

They sat in silence and pondered the thought
Of a dog in their home, ready or not

“Lets do it,” she said while biting her lip
Dad reclined once again to have another sip

“Cheers to a pup…” raising his glass to say
Smiles to be had on Christmas day.”

“Where should we start our search for this pet?”
Dad scratched his beard and began to fret
“I’ll start at the mall, I saw a sign
For $2,000 a pup can be mine!”

Mom scrunched her nose as she pet the kitten
With that idea she was not smitten

In spite of it all they went to the store
A mysterious cold rush as they opened the door

“Do you have any pups for sale today?”
The store clerk shook her head and simply said “Nay.

But perhaps a book on how to care for a pup
There is lots to learn, you should not pass it up!”

“No thank-you,” said Dad “we know what we are doing.”
He then rolled his eyes, frustration brewing

As they went out the door Dad spoke in mum’s ear
Words that were meant for only her to hear

“The sales clerked looked a little elfish you think?”
“Honey,” she said, “you need to lay off the drink.”

Their next stops were shelters and those sort of places
But when asking for a pup they were met with stern faces

Every door they opened in search of a dog
Closed behind them leaving their heads in a fog

The week went fast with Christmas upon them
There was no gift of a dog for their small children

Christmas Eve they lay in bed disappointed
 For a pup for Christmas had been anointed

In the morning they rose and confusion took hold
For a few new gifts allowed a mystery to unfold

Under the tree was a stuffed toy dog
A leash and a collar beside a box of hedgehogs

A bowl, some treats and a curious book
They all sat around and had a good look

A note on the hearth had been left
Inside the words eased their bereft:

“There are many good dogs that need a second chance
When you find the right one, your life it will enhance

They need to be walked, fed and cared for every day
They can’t be forgotten when you want to go play

They are a lifetime commitment meant to be cherished
Not left in the yard to become lonely and perish

They are a gift to be loved, many lessons you will learn
About gratitude, joy and their loyalty you must earn

When you read this book from start to finish
And work with a trainer so your concerns diminish

Then you will be ready to share a life with a dog
A family complete with a canine epilogue.”

As Dad lifted his gaze from the note in his hand
Out in the yard he thought he noticed a man

He seemed a round little fellow dressed in red
And hopped into a sleigh before anything was said

Santa caught dad’s eye and gave him a wink
Dad shook his head, “Yup I’ve got to lay off the drink.”

Santa jumped in his sleigh and held the reins tight
For his eight tiny steeds pranced ready for flight

But they heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.