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This is not a vacation this is life

The hot sun bakes my body as I sit looking out into the magical bay of La Ventana, Baja.

The hot sun bakes my body as I sit looking out into the magical bay of La Ventana, Baja.

The green and blue Sea of Cortez is rich with sea life and impressive birds that float just above the water waiting for an opportunity to swoop down and fetch a big fish. I enjoy watching this every morning as I sip my green tea and watch time ease by.

Our kite surfing addiction has led us to La Ventana, a tiny fishing village one hour south of La Paz on the Baja Peninsula. There is not much here and it is a far cry from the fanciness most people think of when they leave Vancouver for a holiday. However, this is just the way Kim and I like it as our goal is to relax, enjoy each other's company and kite our brains out.

Since the first day we arrived, the wind has been strong and we wasted no time in getting out on the water. After unwrapping my new surf board fresh from Philippe at Airtime Board Sports, I hit the water. The big ocean swell was perfect for surfing and boosting big air. It wasn't until I crashed on a jibe that I realized how warm the water was. At 28 degrees it was like falling in a hot tub and I just sat there enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

We have tons of friends who travel from all over the world and we enjoy meeting up with them after kiting and sharing our kite surfing adventures of the day over many cervezas. Everyone is stoked to see each other improve, try a new trick or get hammered into the water.

Each night Kim and I take a long walk along the sandy beach and meet up at one of the small local restaurants to enjoy some delicious Mexican food. The locals usually get to know us and always have a smile and some delicious food prepared.

Some nights we choose to cook in our big open outdoor kitchen. This usually involves me finding a local fisherman and getting him to fillet a big Sierra and supply me with some giant prawns. Cooked on the barbecue with homemade lime salsa and vegetables, this meal is incredible and we end up sharing it with whoever is around the kitchen. This usually leads to many more beers and great conversation and antics well into the night!

One thing I love to do is get on one of the rusty old bikes in the middle of the day and head off to the store. I am still wet from just getting off the water but I love the feeling of the wind cooling me off as I pedal hard into the breeze to grab a bag of chips, some chocolate and a health drink (Coke)! Back at the beach, I'll just sit and watch all the people ripping it up on the water while the sun cooks me to the point where I have to relaunch and hit the water for an afternoon session.

Of course Kim and I are usually questioned by some people who show up for a week about how we can afford a month of vacation in paradise? Like I tell most people, this is not a vacation, this is life!

Adventurer Dave Norona hopes that your upcoming holiday season is loaded with fun, family and great times! His adventures are supported by Advil, Marin Bikes and Seymour Bean.