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12 niche things only Canadians would know

Those who get it, get it. Those who don't, clearly aren't Canadian.
maple taffy
Every Canadian has tried maple taffy.

Here in maple syrup beaver land, we do things differently. In fact, these things are so Canadian that, if you were to mention them to a non-Canadian, they'd think we're from another planet (wrong, we're just very far north). 


Once upon a time there was Zellers. This artifact has left a mark on most Canadian's memories, and reappears every once in a while on Twitter to remind us of the good old days. This Zellers t-shirt will give you all the Canadian feels. 

Ketchup Chips

Canadians have unique taste, and that includes chip flavours. Good luck trying to explain the concept of ketchup-flavoured chips to a non-Canadian. 

Maple Taffy

Every Canadian has tasted 'tire d'erable' aka maple taffy; hot maple syrup poured over snow that turns into a very Canadian treat. We've also experienced the culture shock that comes with asking for syrup anywhere outside of Canada, because, yes, we do have it with everything. 

Canadian Tire Money

Though it's not actually real money, every Canadian has had a CTM stash in their wallet at one point.


For those who don't know, this is what (some) Canadians call a couch.

We have the best snacks

We're talking Hickory Sticks, Coffee Crisp, Nestle Smarties, Cadbury Caramilk, Mars Bars, Cheezies... the list goes on and on, up until Beaver Tails and Nanaimo Bars. So good, eh?

President's Choice

Sure, we don't have Trader Joe's but we do have our own version that every Canadian knows and loves. (President's Choice snacks hit different). 

Swiss Chalet

Quarter Chicken Dinner ring a bell? This classic Canadian restaurant chain is a fond memory for many Canucks (which is another word for a Canadian). 

Double Double

This term is not only commonly used in every Canadian's vocabulary, but is also now an official term in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. It translates to coffee with two creams and two sugars, and was popularized by Tim Horton's, the Canadian coffee and doughnuts chain. 

Kraft Dinner (KD)

No, we don't mean Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Canadians have our own version. Same mac and cheese, better name: Kraft Dinner. 


Does it get more Canadian than the logo? The brand has become the unofficial official Canadian swag.


We made the Bloody Mary better, and yes, the two are different. Caesars (which are distinctly Canadian) are made with Clamato juice rather than plain tomato juice that is used to make a Bloody Mary. 

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