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Spoil mom with these picnics, take-out brunches and more treats for Mother's Day

Here are some amazing Mother's Day eats and treats available in Vancouver to help you celebrate someone special.
Breakfast in bed? A brunch feast with no dishes to do? An elegant bento box? A picnic in the park? A lasagna for the whole family to dig into? Whatever the mom or mom-figure in your life loves to eat, chances are there's a place in and around Vancouver where you can get it - in style - for Mother's Day this year.

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9, and whether you're looking to treat someone special in your life to mark the day with breakfast in bed, an epic brunch spread, or a park picnic, Vancouver is brimming with tantalizing options to make the day as delicious as possible.

Due to ongoing restrictions on dine-in at B.C. restaurants and our iffy patio weather these days (come on, sunshine!) it seems like more businesses than ever before - even more than last year, when we were elbow-deep in the COVID-19 pandemic and similar restrictions of the time - are really stepping up for Mother's Day.

Is it because these businesses know that a lot of moms and mom-figures have really been through it in the past year, from distance learning to all the stress of mom-ing through the pandemic? Is it because so many Vancouver food businesses and restaurants have strong women behind the brand? Is it because moms really deserve some serious celebrating and the usual option of taking her out for brunch or lunch isn't in the cards for 2021? Is it also because so many local businesses need all the support they can get? 

Well, yes. All of the above. 

And whether it's your mom, partner, aunt, grandmother, bestie, neighbour, or any mom-figure in your life, celebrating the ones we love is what Mother's Day is all about. And food. It's always about food, right?

Here are some amazing Mother's Day eats and treats available in Vancouver to help you celebrate someone special. There are bento boxes, afternoon tea sets, bountiful brunches, cocktail kits, dim sum feasts, and so much more. 


Ask For Luigi


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Cafe Medina


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Fresh Ideas Start Here (F.I.S.H.)

Heritage Asian Eatery

Potluck Hawker Eatery


Farina a Legna



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The Bench Bakehouse




Homer St Cafe

Gotham Steakhouse

Bel Cafe


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Savoury City

Remi Patisserie

Kissa Tanto


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El Santo


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Oca Pastificio



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Bluebird Cakery

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Sopra Sotto

Five Sails



Adonia Tea House



Fanny Bay Oysters



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Temper Pastry & Chocolate



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