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Maple Leaf Storage expands square footage on the North Shore

Here on the North Shore we love to work hard, and with all of the stunning mountainous terrain and ocean at our doorstep, play hard, too.

Here on the North Shore we love to work hard, and with all of the stunning mountainous terrain and ocean at our doorstep, play hard, too. There’s paddle boarding in Deep Cove, kayaking in Ambleside, trail running on the Grouse Grind and cycling the Demonstration Forest. But with space at a premium (hello, 400-square-foot condo), where do young families, single condo owners and downsizers store all of their toys?

Enter Maple Leaf Self Storage’s newest storage facility. Set to open in Fall 2019 behind the old Earl’s restaurant location on Capilano Road and Marine Drive, the state-of-the-art facility will span two city blocks and will house storage units ranging from 25 to 300 square feet.

Needless to say, that’s plenty of room for all of your off-season gear. During the summer, you’ll be able to store those skis and snowboards that get so much action at Cypress mountain during the cooler months.

Come winter, Maple Leaf Self Storage will house your paddleboards, trail runners, bicycles, kayaks and even those inflatables your kids had a blast with on the Tiki Deck at the North Shore Winter Club and the Hollyburn Country Club last summer.

Then there’s that BBQ and all of the patio furniture you’ll need to put away once Raincouver and Snowmaggedon return in fall and winter. Finally, those bike racks from the area’s many luxury SUVs need a home, too.

Along with benefitting home owners and renters, PJ Juneja, sales manager for Maple Leaf Self Storage is excited to see how the facility will help small business owners. “It will definitely help local businesses declutter, and help them grow. Because they don’t have to worry about limited space, they can put their focus back to the business,” PJ explains over the phone from Maple Leaf Self Storage’s headquarters.

For example, a dentist may have a lot of client records to archive, and a restaurant owner might want to keep their patio furniture in storage during the cooler months.

Maple Leaf Self Storage’s North Vancouver facility will be one of the few large operator storage facilities on the North Shore. Each of Maple Leaf’s units will be climate-controlled and individually alarmed, allowing storage renters to access their units using a protected password.

The new storage facility will also likely be a lifesaver for movers and renovators. “There could be a time when your new residence is not ready yet but your current property has been sold,” says PJ. In this instance a storage facility will come in handy if your temporary dwelling doesn’t have enough space for your belongings.

Essentially Maple Leaf Self Storage is providing an extension of your home or business. In a sense, you will get more space and time to spend with your love ones. And who wouldn’t want that?

Maple Leaf Self Storage is a West Vancouver-based organization which has been in operation for over 40 years. It currently has 15 locations in Western Canada.