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Find the private school that is the right fit for both your child and family

Howell Academics specializes in navigating the admissions process so you can achieve your goals academic and beyond.

Navigating the private school admissions process can create feelings of both excitement and overwhelm.

Fortunately, Howell Academics can help you understand your options and ease your anxieties by helping you discover the best fit for your child and family. 

“We collaborate, partner, empower and inspire families in reaching their academic goals for their children through a commitment to authentic care and service during the private school admissions process and beyond,”  said Paula Howell, Education Director and Founder of Howell Academics.

Paula Howell is an Early Childhood specialist with an honours diploma in ECE  and BC, Ontario and QLD-certified Kindergarten to Grade 12 educator with over 15 years of experience in early learning development, curriculum development including IB education and private school intake assessment across Canada and Australia.

howellacademicsShe has also earned certification in  HR, from Cornell University, TESOL linguistics certification is an NLP practitioner and is certified with the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and – perhaps just as importantly – she’s a mom to a delightful daughter named Paige.

“Being a mom helps to balance the guidance of my work with families and children. We are a boutique firm and combine all things business with the heart of being a parent. We don’t use templates; we work in collaboration with families to strengthen their voice to become ambassadors for their family,” she said.

“I like to think of myself more as a partner, coach, mentor, and knowledgeable friend when working with families. You need to be flexible, adaptable, and a good listener – that leads to authentic connections and successful student outcomes.”

Howell and her team of teachers specialists are committed to helping improve each family’s chances of reaching their goals by providing expert advice, guidance and emotional support during the admissions process. 

“We are committed to utilizing our experience to help reduce the stress of the admissions experience for both parents and children, to empower parents to make authentic meaning of the process and manage in partnership the emotional energy parents spend researching all of their options,” she said

Paula Howell has extensive first-hand knowledge of the top educational institutions in Vancouver, Ontario, Australia, New York and California.

“Our familiarity and over 15 years’ experience with a multitude of institutions, means we can present applicants with a much more extensive selection of possibilities to “best fit”  and provide vital help in weighing factors to make the best decision for your family.”

Howell understands each family is unique in their needs,  commits, spends hours with each family to establish a connection between heart, goals values, interests, aspirations and individual needs. 

“Our process begins with a consultant, conversation surrounding goals and student assessment.  We take the time to get to know the student and family and then link our discoveries to the school that provides the best environment for the students educational, social, and personal growth.  We then develop in collaboration, a plan, to support the process, start to success. It’s not only about being accepted-more importantly; it’s about thriving in the environment and community that is the right fit for you.” - this will come naturally if you present an authentic story, and focus on fit- when you do this, the right school chooses as much as you choose them” said, Howell.

Howell Academics’ education specialists are ECE qualified and knowledgeable in a variety of teaching philosophies.  We have specialists in the areas of math and science, English and literacy, AMI, IB, Reggio, to name a few. Our education specialists gained exceptional experience in helping students with many different learning styles and abilities and needs.  – this dedication and expertise have helped hundreds of students gain confidence and success and confidence in the admissions process and beyond.

“We have small classes no larger than six at a time in our signature group E.D.E.N enrichment programs. We create our groups directly in consideration of the individual student needs. We collaborate with parents weekly using seesaw and provide daily reports feedback and active play inspired resources and suggestions for continued home exploration and learning.” said, Howell.

Howell says one of the biggest misconceptions about education consultants specializing in admissions, is that “we do the application for you.”

“As no two families are the same, we believe no application should be. We empower your voice, to articulate your goals, values, and needs of your child so that you can find the best fit for your family. We do everything in collaboration; we don’t train you or your child; we help to bring out the best in you and your child. You submit your completed application with newfound empowerment, and this is an accomplishment we share with you.”

Howell also believes strongly in paying it forward. For the last four years, her company has supported the Wellspring Foundation for Education, a group dedicated to transforming education in Africa.

 “Our sponsorship has contributed to the development of schools and continual teacher development and student opportunity.  Also, each month we celebrate our student’s birthday with gifting Cuddle and Kind dolls providing 10 meals per doll - we want to encourage a student mindset of giving and empathy.  This year we are excited to announce our partnership with Charity: Water and Pencils for Purpose to further expand our global reach in supporting opportunity.”

Howell Academics started in a 600-square-foot space over 5 years ago, with the goal to support families in understanding their needs; social, emotional and academic - while keeping child wonderment at the core.   The business has grown exponentially and has served hundreds of families and children find the right fit and achieve their goals. To further continue this commitment, Howell Academics will be launching June 2019,  A + Parent On-Line Programs, & Events. 

“This is my passion – developing authentic relationships with families and helping them to achieve their academic goals for their children while fostering confidence, a passion for life- long learning and most importantly endless sense  of wonderment- it is truly an honour to be a part of this process”

Paula Howell

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