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Watch: Family of otters caught scuttling about under Lions Gate Bridge

Stop doom scrolling and enjoy this adorable moment! 🦦
The family of otters appears to include one parent and three little pups. They were seen scampering about underneath Lions Gate Bridge.

Normally stairs are used by humans, but this time an otter parent seemed to use some steps in Stanley Park to organize their pups.

The group were spotted scampering about underneath the Lions Gate Bridge earlier this week by a Reddit user. In a video shared to the online platform, the adorable little troop can be seen organizing themselves on the steps before the parent leads them to a rock further out in the water to sit for a moment.

They then head east, along the shore.

If you can, turn the audio on to listen to the little group chat with each other. If you've never heard a young otter chirp, it's worth it.

Kathleen Stormont with the Stanley Park Ecological Society says each year Vancouver's famous greenspace gets several similar families living on the park grounds.

"It is common to see river otters swimming along the seashore in Stanley Park. There is a lot of food on the beach for them to access - mollusks, crabs, and small fish in tidepools," she tells Vancouver Is Awesome. "There are a number of river otter families denning in Stanley Park."

Warning: The Reddit user’s name could be seen as inappropriate to some readers