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Romance is in the air

Top 3 spots to propose in Vancouver this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a very old tradition thought to have originated from a Roman festival called Lupercalia, which was held in the middle of February to officially celebrate the start of spring. A time of new beginnings and everlasting love.

Valentine’s Day is also the second most popular day of the year to get engaged. What better day to declare your love than on the day dedicated to celebrating love. If you plan to propose, make it really special. First find the perfect ring, and then decide where to pop the question.

With over half a century of experience selling and custom designing diamond and precious gem engagement rings, Palladio Jewellers has heard many romantic proposal stories from clients. Here are a few favourites:

Capilano Suspension Bridge – Adrenalin Rush

One of my clients chose a venue that combined their shared passion for the outdoors and adventure. He dropped to one knee in the middle of the gently swaying suspension bridge, surrounded by a cedar-scented rainforest, the Capilano River flowing 230 feet (70m) directly beneath them. Not for the faint hearted, but it sure makes an amazing engagement story.

Jericho Beach – Sunset Romance

Finding the perfect place to propose doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult to arrange. Sometimes simple is best. One of my clients simply took his loved one for a walk along Jericho Beach in the springtime, when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Of course, he checked the weather would cooperate and the sunset would be spectacular. He packed a picnic, found a choice log to toss down the blanket, and popped the question as the sun majestically dipped below the horizon.

New York Serenade

This couple flew to New York for what she thought was a romantic weekend. Upon arrival, they strolled through Central Park where he planned to have her friend, an amazing jazz singer, waiting to serenade them with “La Vie en Rose” – their favourite romantic song. He dropped to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She said yes. He recalls that his hands shook as he placed the ring on her finger; whether from the cold or stress he is not sure. Then they danced, drawing a clapping crowd, before returning to the Mandarin Hotel for champagne in the elegant 35th floor lounge. As you can imagine, the rest of their trip was magical.

When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, Palladio has got you covered.

Whether you wish to choose from our extensive selection or create your own one-of-a-kind engagement ring, you’ll be impressed by our originality, craftsmanship and service. You can trust Palladio’s master goldsmiths and craftsmen to bring your ideas to life and custom create something meaningful and extraordinary using the rarest gems, purest metals and finest diamonds.

Palladio’s showroom is located at 900 West Hastings Street. It is inspired by the notion of a precious jewelry box. The interior is designed to create an exclusive shopping experience that showcases – like a jewelry box does – the precious products, but at the scale of a store. Come and have a look. You might just find exactly what your soon-to-be-fiancé will love!

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