Way beyond beige: NKBA winner Reisa Pollard's favourite space

Nominated for 16 design awards in 2019, it’s fair to say Reisa Pollard made the right call when switching careers from economics to interior design. Her company, Beyond Beige, recently transformed an older West Vancouver house into a modern, happily-ever-after home for newlyweds.

“This project began as a renovation for a young family, and things got interesting fast when the couple needed the project completed by their wedding date. The pressure was on. We wanted the living room space to be used by everyone. It sounds ridiculous, but so many formal living rooms are just for viewing.

You might as well hang a velvet rope across the entry way! I personally love the fireplace because it makes me feel like I’m in an old-world European Hotel, where the mantles are as tall as I am.

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We added a huge mirror above the fireplace to open up the space and reflect the lighting fixture. We didn’t want to cover the windows so we opted to feature them using stationary drapery panels. Mirrors can be a great trick to make a room appear larger, but they need to be used correctly.

Reflecting a wall doesn’t do much for the space. Another great option is using the largest furniture pieces possible. It does the reverse of what you might expect. My advice for switching careers? If the economics don’t add up, be persistent, keep going, and don’t let anyone tell you it’s too competitive." 

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