What's old is new again

IS there a piece of furniture in your home that is looking a little worn and could do with a little attention?

Perhaps it's a piece that has been handed down through generations and requires a little update?

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Many people are faced with this decision whether to buy new or fix up the old. It really comes down to a couple of factors.

Firstly, you must ask yourself how much you love the piece and is it worth the expense? If it is a sentimental issue and the piece has history then it probably is worth the expense especially if it is in good quality shape.

Secondly, some pieces are just not worth fixing. If the frame is falling apart or the cushions require completely new filler you may be better off purchasing an entirely new piece.

In some cases it is less expensive to re-upholster than to purchase a similar piece of brand new furniture.

In both case scenarios it's important to speak to someone who specializes in the field. Shannon Mackenrot, of Kiwi Slipcovers and Upholstery, has a passion for breathing new life into things. After studying fashion design at Kwantlen College in 2000, she decided to take over a small upholstery business from a couple that persuaded her to venture out of fashion and into the furniture business. It was a real change of pace for her but she enjoyed the challenge of sewing for the home after sewing for the fashion industry for a period of time.

Experts like Shannon are wonderful to speak to when you are faced with the dilemma of whether to re-upholster or buy new.

A visual inspection of your furniture is important to be sure the frame is in good shape as well as the cushions.

With the abundance of fabrics on the market to choose from, an old piece can become spectacular with the right fabric. The difference between a well-worn seat and a chair that can look brand new is amazing.

Recently, Mackenrot transformed a small French settee from its outdated colour scheme to a more soothing and serene French palette.

The results are beautiful and now the piece fits in wonderfully with the neutral colour scheme of the client's home.

There's something special about breathing new life into a sentimental piece of furniture that you can have for many more years to come.


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