Garden trends for 2013

NEW Year, new garden? Maybe not.

Not everything that is new is good, especially when it comes to gardening. I would never trade my big old golden Japanese cedar for some newly released tree. When is comes to plants, maturity is virtue realized. However, each year garden writers and companies that specialize in forecasting cultural trends come out with trends for the coming year.

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And even though I don't totally believe that anyone has a crystal ball for the future, some trends can be generally expected to continue when they are scrutinized within the context of current socioeconomic conditions. So here are my garden trends for 2013. Take them with a grain of salt, or earth.

The No. 8 trend at is "Business stepping up: From profit to purpose." This trend has manifested itself here on the North Shore with groups like the Edible Garden Project whose mission is to "increase access to fruits and vegetables for people in need, increase garden space and land used for fruit and vegetable production on the North Shore."

Other for-purpose groups like the Evergreen Foundation have made inroads into creating natural garden spaces in parks and residential gardens. Evergreen believes they can "solve today's critical environmental challenges by bringing diverse groups of people together, inspiring them with ideas and engaging them to take action." Expect more for-purpose companies in gardening to spring up as the younger generation looks for purpose and not just profit.

From JWTIntelligence. com comes this prediction of "Health & Happiness: Hand in Hand," which conveniently fits into the gardening lifestyle. Most gardeners are absolutely happy working in the garden with the added benefit of working their heart, lungs, muscles and mind.

Gardening has long been one of the most popular hobbies in the world for good reason; it's good for the body, mind, soul and these days, the wallet if you grow veggies.

Many people I have spoken to find gardening to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable

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