Creative design makes small space functional

DO you have a design dilemma?

Are you faced with a small space and no idea how to make it functional for an office?

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This is a problem many homeowners face when designing a home office.

There are many items on the wish list but only a limited amount of space to work with. It is possible to make big things happen in a small space. It really comes down to great design and creative thinking.

Yulu Communications is a small public relations company in Vancouver that faced this exact dilemma. With only 300 square feet of usable space, Katie Schomaker, an interior designer who specializes in smart and functional spaces, was recruited and put to the task. The space needed to host three workstations, a small kitchenette and a boardroom table. It seemed like an unrealistic goal initially, but with the right pieces of furniture the space was transformed into a viable workplace.

When dealing with small spaces it's very important to begin with a design that maximizes every square inch of the room. In this case, a mini refrigerator was installed below a countertop and a boardroom table was placed along a long wall to maximize the full length of the space.

Measuring and shopping for the right items is the key.

Ikea furniture played a major role in this design for its functionality and of course its price range.

In many cases this type of furniture can be repurposed. For example, Ikea bookcases were turned sideways and used as extensions for the desks. In addition, the simple solid panel desk legs were replaced with poles to open up the space and add a very modern appeal. So, is it necessary to hire a designer to assist you with planning your home office? Some would argue that there are tremendous cost-saving perks.

Many designers have fantastic inside wholesale rates to enable you to purchase beautiful items at substantial savings. Designers are also able to hunt down treasures you may not be able to find and can think of ways to repurpose furniture and save you money.

Check out the photos of this smart and functional space at for great design ideas you may be able to use in your home office.

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