Appliance shopping has never been this inspiring: take a ‘test drive’ today

With its dazzling new showroom on Marine Drive, Trail Appliances is inviting North Shore residents to be inspired by the possibilities that await their next kitchen design.

The 7,000 sq. ft. North Vancouver store features 8,000 product models from 50 different brands, offering choices for every budget.

More than that, it has 11 beautifully designed kitchen vignettes where you can “test drive” those products. You can hear how loud a dishwasher might be and see how the fridge is illuminated for late-night snacking raids. Or what about that feature that gives you virtual access to what’s inside your fridge the next time you’re in the grocery store and forgot your list? How easy is it to use the app to peek at what’s on the shelves?

Be ready to experience a whole new world of product development. You’ll be introduced to features you never knew existed — and quickly realize you absolutely have to have them.

Trail Appliances’ Miele Kitchen allows customers to relax and try out live appliances. - Photo Supplied

“For us it’s really important to provide the consumer with a setting that inspires possibilities for their own home, no matter what budget they have to work with,” says Julie Hale, director of sales operations. “We give consumers the opportunity to see the products and what these timeless designs can look like in their own home. They can sit on a barstool at one of our kitchen vignettes, enjoy a latte and dream of what their own space will look like.”

With so many choices and possibilities, Trail Appliances knows that making decisions about such important investments can be overwhelming. Its product experts are trained for more than eight weeks at “Trail U” before they are ready to work with customers. It’s important that they are well-versed in all of the brands and types of appliances they sell in order to provide the best service possible. Whether someone wants a single appliance or is outfitting an entire kitchen with the help of an architect or designer, the team of experts can help customers assess which products best fulfill their aspirations (and their available space and budget).

“Appliances are getting more complicated so having someone guide you through the various features is very helpful,” says Sandi Green, director of marketing. “We make sure that we find out what your needs and lifestyle are so we’re showing you only products that suit your needs.”

This culture of helping customers make the best decisions possible is baked into the family-owned company’s ethos of wanting to help customers make the best choice for their lifestyle. “For people who aren’t totally visual they can get a better sense of what they like and what they want. We help them make these decisions by providing them an environment that is tactile and visual,” Hale says. “People will make a better choice for their home if they get to see the products completely live.”

If seeing is believing, then touching is trusting.

The new Marine Drive showroom is two blocks east of Capilano Road. Its stunning interior has been completely remodelled to reflect the beauty of the North Shore. Using beautiful wood and stone design features, shopping becomes an even more inviting and inspiring experience. The product inventory at Trail Appliances consists of everything from compact appliances to large luxury brands, which means there is something for every budget and lifestyle.

Trail Appliance’s new showroom has a wide selection of appliances on display. - Photo Supplied

However, Trail Appliances knows people still like to do research online. Its easy-to-navigate website provides detailed information about its products and also features a live chat with one of its product experts.

And when those important decisions are made, Trail Appliances offers delivery throughout the North Shore and up the Sea-to-Sky corridor to Whistler.

“We want to make sure you’re delighted and happy,” says Hale. “It’s not just about this one moment in time. If we treat each customer with respect we’ll be able to continue to earn the right to help your mom, your best friend… That’s how we’ll continue to grow our business.”

Want to be inspired? Visit the newest Trail Appliances store at 1550 Marine Drive in North Vancouver.

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