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Time Traveller: The Lynnwood Hotel once housed North Van's oldest pub

Established in 1934, the space was once the area's main social centre
Time Traveller, May 5WEB

This photo shows the Lynnwood Hotel around 1965. Established in 1934, it was located near the north end of the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing at 1515 Barrow St. Before it closed in 2012, many believed that the Lynnwood was North Vancouver’s oldest pub. 

In the early days, all bridge traffic was forced onto Railway Street past the front of the hotel, which at that time looked south onto the street. This made the Lynnwood ideally situated to attract tourists, fisherman, truckers, longshoremen, and locals. The Lynnwood Pub, which later had a dance floor, for a time was the social centre of the east side of North Vancouver.  

When the bridge was replaced in the 1960s, northbound traffic no longer moved past the Lynnwood, resulting in a decline of business. In an attempt to modernize, the building was later massively renovated resulting in the removal of the gabled roof and the Tudor style.  

In 2012, the property was sold and re-zoned for industrial use. The Lynnwood was demolished soon after.

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