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Time Traveller: In 1913, this blacksmith shop was in the heart of North Vancouver

John Brind R.S.S. General Blacksmithing shop was located at 123 West Third St. in what is now known as the Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood

This 1913 photograph shows John Brind and his son, Leslie, outside the John Brind R.S.S. General Blacksmithing shop located at 123 West Third St.

Using a hot forge, bellows, hammers, anvils, and barrels of water, Brind and his employees made and repaired horseshoes, wagon wheel rims, horse harnesses, and other hardware. They would heat a piece of iron to red hot, pound it into a desired form, then immerse it into water to cool and harden it.

The delivery wagons in front – presumably waiting for service – are “David Henderson, Grocer” and "Hygenic Dairy." The St. Alice Hotel is in the background.

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