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Time Traveller: Daredevils rode shingle bolts down these flumes

In the early 1900s, flumes used by loggers became popular attractions in North Vancouver. Flumes are the inspiration for popular amusement rides found around the world today 💦
Capilano flume

The Capilano flume was a popular attraction in the early 1900s. Not only did the public walk on its catwalk, but local daredevils would hitch rides on the moving shingle bolts.

Like the one in this postcard, there were several flumes around North Vancouver in the early 1900s. Flumes were long wooden chutes filled with running water. Loggers used them like conveyor belts, to float cedar shingle bolts from the hills above to the mills below.

Today, you can recreate the flume experience at many amusement parks around North America, including PNE Playland, on a log flume ride. Locally, however, you will have to wait, as Playland’s flume ride is currently undergoing maintenance.

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