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These lovely flower-petal hearts are showing up again in West Vancouver (VIDEO)

A very pretty display was spotted in Ambleside. 🌸

Love was in the air near West Vancouver’s Ambleside Pier on Wednesday (April 21) as visitors admired a number of large flower-petal hearts displayed on the grass near blossoming cherry trees.

Three brightly coloured hearts made from fallen flower petals caught the attention of passersby at Argyle Avenue and 14th Street, who took to social media to share images of the floral artworks to spread the love around.

"Someone made the scenery extra beautiful," Claire Hwangbo, who captured some stunning imagery of the display, said, adding they had "made her day."

It’s not the first time these pretty displays have been spotted in West Vancouver, either. North Shore News suspects the flower-petal hearts were made by North Shore resident Adel Berenjian, who’s been creating heart-shaped artworks in public spaces out of Mother Nature’s materials over the past three years in memory of his daughter.

In a previous interview, Berenjian said he estimated he had created more than 60 large hearts culled from fallen flower petals and other natural debris around West Vancouver, many of them at the Seawall Garden on the Centennial Seawalk at the foot of 19th Street, and elsewhere.

He only uses things he finds in nature to make his hearts, and never cuts anything down in order to build them up.

Take a virtual stroll through the flower-petal heart display

-- with files from Ben Bengtson