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No-swim advisory remains in effect for Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver

E. coli counts were also above healthy swimming standards at Whey-ah-Wichen (Cates Park) in North Vancouver
Visitors flock to swim at Ambleside Beach on July 1, 2023, when there wasn’t a no-swim advisory in effect. | Nick Laba / North Shore News

West Vancouverites hoping to go for a long-weekend dip at Ambleside Beach should come up with a plan No. 2.

After a no-swim advisory was first issued for the popular family destination on Saturday, more E. coli sampling by Vancouver Coastal Health has found that levels are still too high to safely enter the water.

E. coli levels were also above safe swimming values at Whey-ah-Wichen (Cates Park) in North Vancouver, according to samples taken Tuesday, June 25.

But currently there is no signage there to warn people from getting in the water.

“Vancouver Coastal Health determines when signage should be installed in areas with high levels of E. coli or bacteria in the water,” said Ryan Schaap, spokesperson for District of North Vancouver. “We will wait for the results of [Thursday’s] water testing for further instruction.”

Results from that testing are expected to be available Friday.

Ambleside, along with other swimming locations on the North Shore, are scheduled to be resampled on Tuesday, July 2.

High numbers of E. coli in the water at public beaches indicate contamination with feces and the potential presence of harmful microorganisms in the water, said Carrie Gadsby, spokesperson for West Vancouver.

According to Vancouver Coastal Health, “feces in water can make people ill or cause infections, from swimming or playing in the water.”