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Holiday Cheer: My husband dresses as Santa for a whole month

As part of our Holiday Cheer feature section, this North Shore News reader tells us about her husband's mission to make everyone merry 🎅
Ken Fedoruk loves Christmas so much that he spends the month leading up to the big day dressing up as Santa, handing out gifts and candy canes to everyone he meets. | Joan Fedoruk

My husband, Ken Fedoruk, thinks about Christmas 365 days a year.

An artist with an incredible talent and passion for creating holiday cheer through his work, his life really ramps up from late November until Christmas day. During the holiday season he dons his custom-made Santa coat and authentic jingle bell boots, then grabs a pocket full of candy canes and makes it his mission to spread Christmas cheer through his community of North Vancouver.

Ken wears his outfit every day and can be spotted grocery shopping, running errands, meeting friends or out for a casual beer. His enthusiasm is contagious, as he liberally hands out smiles, holiday greetings, multi-flavoured candy canes and small gifts retrieved from the many pockets and pouches of his Santa coat.

Kids jump at the opportunity to get close to him and ask the age-old question. He walks along smiling and nodding at the odd looks he receives from believers and non-believers.To him, Christmas is a gift that he’s more than happy to share!

Joan Fedoruk
North Vancouver

Editor’s note: We’re on the hunt for stories and memories like this one to include in our upcoming Holiday Cheer feature. If you’ve got something you’d like to share for the feature, send us an email.

Editor’s note, part two: We’ve learned that Ken Fedoruk, the man spreading cheer dressed as Santa, makes handcrafted Christmas collectibles. You can view his unique artwork on his website.