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Meet the man behind Vancouver's Seabus Memes (VIDEO)

Spreading the satire.

It's a phrase that's become synonymous with social media satire - Seabus Memes.

It began in April of 2018 as a modest comedy account that lampooned Vancouver's aquatic public transportation.

Today, Seabus Memes has amassed over 95,000 Instagram followers and become a sort of touchstone for local pop culture.

It wasn't until the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit that things really began to take off, much to the surprise of its creator, a graphic designer from North Vancouver. For obvious reasons, he wishes to remain anonymous; let's just call him Daddy Seabus.

"When I make these things I feel like people are going to know that it's fake, but 90 percent of people fall for it," he explains.

He now posts an average of 10 memes a week. There's even merchandise available, which helps generate a bit of income.

Seabus Memes isn't out to offend or denigrate any person or group but humour is subjective.

"I get lots of messages from people saying your posts are a little bit of light in the darkness for me in this time, and that makes it pretty worth it for me," says 'Daddy'.

The question remains: once the pandemic is over, will there still be enough comedic material to keep the content coming?

"I think there will always be something in the news; I'm not worried about it."