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North Van youth thanks fire department for rescuing kitten

A positive note on which to end a mainly negative year
Rescued cat(1)
A North Vancouver firefighter rescues a cat that got stuck at the top of a tall tree on Thursday.

A North Vancouver teen is offering a big thank-you to District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services after he had a tall order for firefighters on New Year’s Eve.

“My cat got stuck in a 30-foot tree today,” Cameron Sturrock, 16, wrote to the News to explain. “The firefighters from North Vancouver District came to fetch him with a tall ladder. It was an amazing feat of courage.”Sturrock and his brother had got Taz, a seven-month-old Bengal kitten, about a month ago.The feisty feline had got outside and climbed a tree in the backyard, Sturrock explained. After trying to get the young cat down from the tree for almost an hour, the family called the fire department, who are known to use their expertise to rescue wayward animals when they’re not putting out actual fires and saving lives.“He was clenching to the shoulder of his firefighter hero when he finally got off the last branch with a lot of help,” said Sturrock. “Our family really wish to give a humongous shout-out to our local firefighters for taking care of our community, including just a little kitten who got into trouble.”