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Here are 7 parks where you can legally drink in the City of North Vancouver (MAP)

With restrictions on outdoor gatherings amended, here's one way you can safely and responsibly meet up with friends and family
After being relegated to our loving but occasionally annoying households for the last four months, B.C. health officials announced Thursday the province would be loosening restrictions on outdoor gatherings for up to 10 people.

For those revelling at the news they’ll be able to see a select few friends and family but unsure how to reconnect in a safe and responsible way, we remind you that you can toast to your newfound (partial) freedom at several parks in the City of North Vancouver.

Last summer, the city became the first jurisdiction outside of Quebec to implement a pilot project that allows alcohol consumption within designated park areas and green spaces.

The purpose of the pilot was to give residents more options for recreating and socializing outdoors during the pandemic.

The pilot was such a success that council gave the program permission to truly fly this past October after unanimously voting to make alcohol consumption in certain city locations permanent.

Other municipalities in Metro Vancouver have followed suit with their own legal drinking in parks projects.

The parks in the City of North Vancouver with Alcohol Allowed Zones include:

  • Waterfront Park (north and south of the train tracks, excluding the playground)
  • Victoria Park (west)
  • Mahon Park (behind Fen Burdett bleachers)
  • Grand Boulevard / Ray Perrault Park (north west corner) (13th to 19th streets)
  • Kings Mill Walk Park (Harbourside Place to Fell Avenue)
  • Shipbuilders Square
  • Cates Deck at Shipbuilders Square

Libations may be consumed in these designated city areas from noon to dusk, seven days a week.

And if you're wondering about washrooms, you'll find public facilities at most locations, including The Shipyards, open until 10 p.m., according to the city. Cheers to that!

Here's a map of all the parks where you can legally consume alcohol in the City of North Vancouver.