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Beat the heat this week at these North Shore cooling stations

Local safety officials are directing people to local libraries and community centres during operating hours.

As a heat wave washes over the Lower Mainland this week, extra spots to cool off are opening across the North Shore.

Temperatures are forecasted to soar all week, peaking on Thursday with a high of 28℃ that will feel hotter with a humidex around 33℃. Weather is supposed to cool toward the end of the weekend, trickling down to a high of 23℃ by Monday.

With Environment Canada declaring a heat warning this week, North Shore Emergency Management has activated cooling spaces until Saturday.

If you need relief from the extreme heat, NSEM is directing residents to local libraries and community centres during regular operating hours. 

Those include North Vancouver City Library, Parkgate Community Centre, West Vancouver Memorial Library and West Vancouver Community Centre. For a full list, visit

If people come in needing immediate support, NSEM said there is cold water and wet towels on site. If temperatures rise to the point of a heat emergency, the listed cooling spaces can extend their hours and meet an increase in needs.

If the temperature in your home approaches 30℃, the organization recommends spending as much time as possible in cooler spaces. “Shaded outdoor locations are ideal, especially those with a breeze or natural water features like creeks – additionally a pool or spray pad can also offer relief,” NSEM said.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency. Call 911 if someone has a high body temperature, and is either unconscious or has stopped sweating.

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