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Windsurfer gets whale-y close to an orca (VIDEO)

There are at least 3 in the pod
One of the orcas takes a close look at a windsurfer near Squamish.

Windsurfing in Squamish already sounds like a fun weekend activity, but what if you added a pod of orca?

That was the case this past weekend for a lucky person out on on the water near Squamish.

"We were extremely fortunate to have a large pod of orca come through yesterday," wrote @squamish_watersports on an Instagram post shared Sept. 26.  "This windsurfer was NOT expecting that at all."

For the orca it was probably also a curious sight, what with the windsurfer standing on a board beside a giant yellow sail.

It wasn't just the windsurfer with the close encounter, a kite surfer wasn't far off either, and got to see the group charging through the water.