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Vancouver man accused in child sexual assault going to trial

The man received bail in March 2019 with a number of conditions.
The Vancouver provincial courthouse.

A 42-year-old Vancouver man accused of sex charges involving a girl under 16 is going to trial in June 2023.

The man faces multiple counts of assaulting one child and making and accessing child pornography between 2012 and 2018. He is charged with sexual touching, invitation to sexual touching, sexual assault, exposing his genital organs, assault and the two child pornography charges.

An articling law student for defence lawyer David Ferguson appeared in Vancouver provincial court Wednesday to confirm the dates for trial before Judge David St. Pierre.

The day's court docket shows not guilty pleas.

The eight counts were sworn in March 2019 at which point he first appeared in court. There is also a charge of failing to attend court Jan. 25, 2021.

The man has had multiple lawyers appear for him, court records show. Records also show requests for a Filipino language interpreter for pretrial hearings and the trial itself.

There is a no-contact order for two people.

He received bail in March 2019 with an added condition to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

Conditions also include:

  • not going to where the alleged victim may be;
  • not to be in places where there are people under 18;
  • not have a camera in places where people might be fully or partially nude; and
  • not to possess any weapons or to post images of the complainant.

The names of the victim and bail hearing information are covered by a publication ban.