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Watch: Ryan Reynolds is at it again making cocktails with his mom for Mother's Day

Tammy Reynolds is keeping Ryan humble, as she should.
AAG - Ryan & Tammy Reynolds_final
Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin has released a Mother's Day cocktail recipe, Mother's Ruin Punch.

Still glowing from his role of perfect husband on the Met Gala red carpet this past Monday, Ryan Reynolds has stepped into the shoes of doting, though somewhat henpecked, son.

The beloved Vancouver celebrity released a video on social media promoting his Aviation Gin company with a special Mother's Day cocktail called "Mother's Ruin Punch."

The video features his real mother Tammy Reynolds, who outshines him by pointing out (understandably) every flaw in her son's performance as he puts together a delicious-looking grapefruit cocktail with gin, vermouth, and champagne (in increasing quantities as his composure crumbles, I'm sure).

The duo makes a great team with Tammy scolding Ryan for his lack of coasters and not stirring the drink counterclockwise (get it together, Ryan). And Ryan observes that while the punch chills he can reflect on everything his mother has done for him over the years.

Let's all wish Tammy a happy Mother's Day, she's the real star here.

Mother's Ruin Punch (serves 4-6 moms)

½ Cup Sugar

¾ Cup Club Soda

1 ½ Cups Grapefruit Juice

¾ Cup Lemon Juice

¾ Cup Sweet Vermouth

1 ½ Cups Aviation American Gin

Top with Champagne