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Video captures moment propane tank explodes in tent in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

Several explosions are heard in videos.

A frightening moment was caught on camera this weekend as a fire broke out in a tent set up in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Inside the tent on Main near East Hastings several propane tanks were found, which the fire department calls a "serious risk."

The fire started around 6:45 p.m. on Sunday, March 19, according to Vancouver Fire Rescue Services (VFRS) Capt. Matthew Trudeau. 

"Upon arrival firefighters found multiple tents on fire which was spreading into the building," he writes in an email to V.I.A. "Crews knocked the exterior fire down and checked inside for any fire extension."

In a video from the scene which captured the entire incident the first explosion can be seen, and several others can be seen and heard. Police arrive two minutes later and three minutes after the ignition fire crews arrive. 

They're able to get water on the blaze inside of 40 seconds, and the flames appear to essentially be doused less than five minutes after it started, though it continues to smoke.

Luckily the flames hadn't spread inside the building, which up until recently housed the Imperial events space and stage (it closed late last year).

"But heat and smoke entered the building and set off sprinkler heads," adds Trudeau.

In another video someone calls into the area of the fire prior to the arrival of the VFRS to ask if anyone is in there, but no one answers.

No injuries were reported in the incident. It's one of a series of tent fires in the area; Trudeau notes last weekend there were three on East Hastings. In one fire a woman was discovered dead in a tent, having passed before the fire started.

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