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'The worst fake ID I have ever seen': Popular crime TV show features a hilarious Vancouver Easter egg

This fake ID looks funny.
Fans of the crime drama series "White Collar" may have spotted a B.C. Easter egg in one of the episodes.

Did you catch this decade-old B.C. Easter egg?

Although the crime drama series White Collar was filmed almost exclusively in New York City, viewers may have spotted a familiar (but fake) ID. Or maybe it was unfamiliar, given its design.

In the episode titled "Home Invasion" (S1E11), Sarah Carter makes a guest appearance as Pierce Spelman. However, a fan caught something hilariously odd about her character's ID. 

"Can't stop laughing at Neal complimenting the 'high-end work' of what is quite possibly the worst fake ID I have ever seen," points out u/Nimindir in a Reddit post

Although the B.C. crest crowning the card is pretty accurate, the rest of the ID is obviously forged. For one, everything is written in French. In fact, it's actually a Quebec driver's license that's been doctored to look like it's from B.C.

Viewers might catch another fun detail on the fake ID: the address, which reads "333 Water Street, Vancouver." 

Looks like Pierce Spelman is a Vancouverite (and maybe lives in a Gastown gift store)!