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Grab some tissues: The pollen count is 'very high' in Vancouver this week

Allergy season is upon us.
pollen forecast
Pollen count is very high in Vancouver March 22-24, 2023, according to a pollen forecast report by The Weather Network.

Locals may want to keep a pack of tissues handy this week. 

Those with allergies can expect a lot of sneezing and eye-watering throughout the next few days as Vancouver's pollen count is set to reach "very high" levels between Wednesday, March 22, and Friday, March 24. 

Although The Weather Network reports a low health risk in Vancouver's air quality and low mould counts, the forecast does show significantly increased pollen counts.

Over the three days, Cedar and Juniper pollen counts will be "very high," exceeding 200 particles per cubic metre of air. Alder pollen particles will also be high but will reach "very high" levels on Thursday, March 23.

Aspen, Poplar, and Elm pollen levels are forecast to remain low.

The weather authority's pollen forecast is based on the number of particles per cubic metre of air, which is determined from sample collections taken at 32 reporting stations across Canada.