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Letter: Bear and cyclist collision serves as reminder to be wildlife aware, says Black Bear Society

Earlier this month a cyclist suffered serious injuries after crashing head first into a bear in North Vancouver
Last week a North Vancouver cyclist wound up in hospital following a collision with a grazing bear in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. | North Shore News files

Re: ‘Glad to be alive’: Man T-bones bear while cycling in North Vancouver

Dear Editor,

The cyclist and bear survived the collision and the community sighed with relief.

The incident is a good reminder to people who recreate in forested areas to make noise, especially at corners, to avoid surprise encounters.

Fast moving bikes often share trails and roadways in natural spaces with humans and dogs, as well as wildlife, and silent speed is a safety concern for all.

What some might find remarkable about this story is evidence of the true nature of black bears.

In a Facebook post, the injured cyclist said the bear came back to check on him. The bear held no animosity towards the cyclist, and calmly grazed on grass alongside the trail.

Christine Miller,
North Shore Black Bear Society

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